Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
Click and Grow | Wall Farm
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What's Great About It

The Click & Grow Wall Farm is an indoor vertical garden that grows fresh herbs, fruits and leafy greens all year round and hyper-locally.

Our innovative technology makes growing edibles and flowers at home year round super easy. Thanks to our unique Smart Soil technology our vertical gardens can easily be integrated into every home, restaurant, school, grocery store, or office.

The Wall Farm has 3 shelves fully stacked with watering and lights. The Wall Farm has 51 growing holes in total.

Choose between 6 complementary plant starter kits that all contain 54 plant pods to get you started:

  • HERB & SALAD KIT: 9 green lettuce, 9 romaine lettuce, 9 arugula, 9 basil, 9 curly parsley and 9 chives plant pods. 
  • SALAD KIT: 18 green lettuce, 18 romaine lettuce, 9 Red Kale and 9 Leaf Mustard plant pods. 
  • DARK GREENS KIT: 9 x romaine lettuce, 9 red kale, 9 pak choi, 9 bloody sorrel, 9 leaf mustard and 9 arugula plant pods. 
  • HERB KIT:  9 thyme, 9 rosemary, 9 basil, 9 cilantro, 9 chives and 9 curly parsley plant pods. 
  • FLOWER KIT: 18 busy lizzie, 18 petunia and 18 moss rose plant pods. 
  • VARIETY KIT: 9 mini tomato, 9 chili pepper, 9 basil, 9 curly parsley, 9 green lettuce and 9 arugula plant pods. 

Note: The Wall Farm will be shipped in 3 packages: one containing the plywood shelf parts, one containing the hardware details (lights, water tanks etc.) and the third will contain all the plants. 

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Product measurements: H x W x D 2021mm x 1348mm x 400mm (79.6in x 53.1in x 15.7in)

Package measurements (2 pcs): 2090 x 460 x 190 mm, 1280 x 350 x 250 mm

82 x 18 x 7.4 in, 50 x 13.7 x 10 in

Weight of the product with package: 74 kg / 163 lbs

Size of the water tank (3 pcs): 6 liters / 200 oz

Water consumption per month: up to 76 liters / 2570 oz

Power consumption: 110W

Power consumption per month: 53 kWh

Lifetime of the LEDs: 7 years

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