How to Grow Your Retail Store with the Trueform Partnership Program

How to Grow Your Retail Store with the Trueform Partnership Program

Rapid changes in technological advancements continue to expand the many purchasing options. Businesses seek collaborations with brands that share a common goal in this competitive market.

Speeding up the service and providing better customer service is the aim to grow your brand and become more competitive in the industry. As a retail business owner, you want to partner with someone who has the same vision as you do.

There’s a way to grow your retail store without having to manufacture new products, expand to a new location, or hire more people to sell your merchandise. Trueform offers a partnership program beneficial to the development of our businesses. 

So, why do it alone when you can grow faster by partnering with us?   

What is the Trueform Partnership Program?
One of the most effective and commonly seen types of retail partnerships is the store-in-store (or shop-in-shop) approach. The Trueform True Partnership Program adopts this kind of collaboration with retail shop owners interested in selling innovative tech products.

The efficiency of the store-in-store partnership is why even retail giants enter this kind of agreement with another brand. For instance, it’s not surprising to see a McDonald’s inside a Walmart store or a Starbucks inside Target branch; even the food courts you find inside shopping malls is an example of a shop-in-shop retail partnership. 


Partnerships between businesses are becoming more vital due to their promising risk-reward ratio. According to a study from PWC, at least a third of CEOs believe that tactical alliances and collaborations are effective in driving corporate growth and profitability.

A strategic partner like Trueform can help increase sales, reduce costs, expand product selection, and reach new customers. Our brand reputation can be used to your advantage in securing more customers and other vendors. We’ll share the profits from every sale, making the partnership beneficial for both of our businesses.

In addition to these advantages, we’ll also give you exclusive access to our True Analytics platform, which provides informative insights on sales performance. We use the same platform to track our performance and adjust our marketing strategies accordingly to attain better customer conversion rates.

We aim to make the collaboration as smooth as possible and ensure our relationship thrives in the right direction. To fulfill both of our goals, we can assist in areas of your business vital to its growth. 

How True Partnership Can Grow Your Business

Here are the advantages the Trueform Partnership Program can contribute to your retail store’s growth and competitiveness. 

1) Expand your target audience 
You understand the difficulty of obtaining new customers and maintaining brand loyalty. It takes considerable and countless hours to attain a high level of brand confidence from consumers.

But this feat can be accomplished in a snap when you sign-up with any of our Trueform Partnership Programs. Our customers become your patrons as well when you become our partner.

We’ll announce our partnership through social media and press releases, notifying our customers where they can locate your stores. We send out monthly newsletters with featured products, giving customers just one more reason to come by and see what’s new. 

2) Enhance your marketing strategy 
Sometimes, you’ll run out of creative juice looking at the same products over and over again, thinking about how you can market them in ways you’ve never done before. By having a retail partner, you can become more experimental and creative in your marketing campaigns.

A new product in your arsenal can spark promotional ideas you’ve never thought possible before. You can make ads that endorse both our products or try out promotional activities with our tech items as prizes.

You can also pick up a strategy from our marketing methods. Currently, we’re pioneering an experiential shopping experience that allows us to engage customers better. Our interactive and convenient marketing approach is what keeps customers coming back for more, often inviting friends and family to show off the crazy innovations they see in our high-tech “curiosity shop.” 

3) Level-up your reputation 
Start-ups and small businesses can piggyback on our brand reputation to improve exposure and credibility. We believe that as a retail partner, our success is your success too.

Trueform has a reputation for providing excellent customer service and unique, experiential shopping experience. Our patrons applaud our effort to give them a feel of the product before they make the purchase.

Other sellers of consumer electronics usually have products on display inside vending machines or locked glass compartments. Trueform does the opposite as we encourage users to try out and have a more personal interaction with the products. We have had extremely positive feedback regarding our brand for this, and it’s precisely the reputation we want to share with our retail partners. 

4) Improve your product selection 
As a retailer, you may be encountering limitations in expanding your product selection due to budget constraints. Partnering with us enables you to break through this barrier by adding fresh tech products to your arsenal.

You’re not adding just any typical consumer electronics like TVs, mobile phones, and fitness bands to your array of merchandise. Trueform’s product selection consists of innovative, best of breed tech products that are difficult to find elsewhere. 


We have a chessboard that moves by itself. A Lego-compatible robot that can be assembled into a variety of designs for handling different tasks. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot device that can connect to any network around the world; a gummy that gives the same caffeine boost as a cup of coffee; an electric skateboard with a speed booster; and a pen that digitizes your notes as you write them.

These are just a few of the hi-tech products we offer. We’re still searching for more innovative products to add to our already expansive selection.

Having variety in your retail shop leads to a broader audience reach and a higher chance of making a sale. To add, what you’ll be offering when your partner with us are products that will surely pique the interest of anyone who sees them, further improving your chances of making a successful sale. 

5) Cut your costs
Partnerships give access to products and technology that may be too expensive for your business to acquire on its own. Through our retail alliance, you can gain access to these kinds of merchandise with little to no cost in your inventory management.

This considerable advantage is what our True Partnership program can bring to the table. Marketing of the product, the aesthetic presentation, and even the POS for monitoring the sales of our merchandise are all on us. We’ll provide all these in exchange for space in your store where we can display and sell our tech products.

Partnering with us enables your business to increase its market reach and acquire new customers. We make it possible to add new items in your product selection without drastically growing operational costs. 

Growing With Us 
Great business partnerships are those built to benefit all the parties involved, and this is how we designed Trueform’s True Partnership Program. The value we provide in this partnership program is one that’s hard to ignore, and this is what our retail partners in Oregon and the Greater Seattle Area can attest.

When you think about the benefits of becoming our partner, there’s almost no downside on your end. You shouldn’t pass up on a chance like this to boost your business’ profitability.

We’re looking to expand our market reach in the Washington area. We want partners who are willing to sell our marketable tech products. If you’re interested in growing your retail store with our help, you can contact us through our website to know more about the Trueform Partnership Program.