5 Benefits of the Trueform’s Store-in-Store Partnership Program for Retailers

5 Benefits of the Trueform’s Store-in-Store Partnership Program for Retailers

Retail partnership isn’t a new concept. Businesses have been practicing it to bolster growth and get them closer to their objectives. Its advantages can greatly outweigh the associated risks, especially when thorough research has been done before partnering up with another brand. 

Surely, you’ve encountered examples of retail partnerships, even if you don’t realize it. The presence of banks or their respective ATMs inside the grocery store is a good example. Do you see booths that sell specific brands inside a big retail establishment? These small shops operate independently, even when they’re inside another store.

At Trueform, we also offer a similar partnership program in the form of consignment inventory. Our True Partnership program enables partner stores to display the most innovative products from our collection.  

What are the potential benefits you’ll receive from partnering with us? What makes us different from other retailers offering similar partnership schemes?

Here are the benefits of Trueform’s store-in-store partnership program that can help your retail business take a step forward toward success. 

1)     Increased foot traffic 


Statistics say there are roughly 114 million users of consumer electronics in the US alone, and the number is poised to increase in the coming years. Tapping even a portion of these users can bring a surge in volume on store visits.

Trueform is your gateway to connect to these users. Selling our innovative electronics on top of your usual selection will attract thousands of users to your shop. We have a plethora of products to offer to our retail partners.

Our branch at the Bellevue Square Mall is an excellent example of what our displays can do. With its simplistic design, our shop is easy to navigate and fun to explore. While our knowledgable associates are always available for assistance, we pack all the info you need to know on the many Ipads by each of our featured products. Utilizing this technology, we have multiple partner kiosks within partner stores that practically run themselves across the Greater Seattle Area.

What to join our team? Just send us a message to know more about our True Partnership program. 

2) Better space usage
Do you have an idle, unprofitable space in your store? You’re paying for every inch of it, so why not maximize them to your advantage?

Instead of repeating a display or leaving it empty, you can put products that have a high chance of attracting attention. Gadgets are a good option because they encourage interaction, especially if they have peculiar features that stimulate curiosity.

A chessboard with pieces that move without physical contact. Pens that can transpose notes into digital format. Eyeglasses that can relieve strain – Trueform has more exciting products like these to offer. You can choose from our collection, which you want to be displayed when you collaborate with us through the True Partnership program. 

Don’t worry about how you can make that extra space attractive. Our marketing team will be responsible for designing the allotted area inside your store to make sure it catches the attention of customers who enter the shop.

Trueform will take care of setting up the items and marketing them to drive sales. Account managers will also regularly visit the store to see how things are going, formulating ways to improve product presentation. 

3) Improved customer experience
The competition is getting tighter as more ground-breaking solutions are introduced daily to the market. Customers are bombarded with tons of products and information. It’s not surprising to look for a retailer who can provide them with a more personal approach and better customer service.

Customer experience is becoming a deterrent in retaining brand loyalty. More than product quality, consumers are considering the whole purchasing experience in deciding whether to do business with you again in the future.

Samsung 837 is an experiential retail space where the company’s products are showcased in ways that engage customer interaction. Screenings, product demos, and live-stream cultural events are held inside the area, providing an unforgettable immersive experience never before seen in an ordinary showroom. The company’s effort seems to have a profound effect on purchasing behavior since nine out of ten customers said they’d buy a Samsung product in the future.

Trueform’s strategy is to provide the same immersive experience to customers. To engage them, we put a small tablet in front of each product where explainer videos, images, and informative content are presented. They’ll also be encouraged to try the items and interact with them before proceeding with the purchase. With new products every month, there’s always a reason to drop in and see what’s new! 

4) Expanded selection
Entering a retail partnership enables you to display additional items not currently in your inventory. It can add flavor to your common stock by presenting product variety.

For example, if you specialize in selling sports equipment, you may offer sports gears, fitness equipment, and apparel. If you partner with Trueform, you’ll be adding an electric bike, an electric skateboard, a smart bike helmet, or game-tracking golf tags.

Product selection from Trueform isn’t limited to sports and fitness categories alone. We also have toys, smart home items, lifestyle accessories, entertainment gadgets, and other innovations in our arsenal. We refresh our inventory from time to time, based on market trends and customer demand.

By displaying pioneering products from Trueform, you also increase the competitiveness of your business. Not everyone has access to the items we sell, giving you an edge over competitors. 

5) Wider audience reach
Collaborating with another brand allows you to tap into your retail partner’s audience, expanding your current customer base. There’s no faster way to considerably increase market reach in a short time except through a partnership with another brand. Having you as our partner enables us to redirect the attention we’re getting to your shop. Customers nearby will visit your store instead to check out our latest offers. We’ll also handle online promotions. Our marketing team will work on advertising the availability of our products in your store, so our patrons near your area can pay a visit.

There are numerous benefits you can obtain from becoming a part of our True Partnership program. We already have partner stores located in the Greater Seattle Area, and they’re realizing not only the advantages but also the profits from our collaboration. We’re still looking to expand our list of partners, and we’d be more than happy to have you on our side. 

Sign Up to Become Our Partner

Local businesses with brick-and-mortar stores in WA can sign up with our True Partnership program. Full requirements will be disclosed upon inquiry.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, you can reach us through our website.