What is the Trueform Retail Partnership Program & How it Can help your Store

What is the Trueform Retail Partnership Program & How it Can help your Store

A Cross-promotional retail partnership is a marketing strategy often utilized by both established and start-up businesses due to its big payoff. It’s a cost-effective means to promote a brand allowing both parties benefiting from the collaboration. Trueform offers its True Partnership program to a broad spectrum of innovative retailers who want to be part of our growing company. 

The Trueform Retail Partnership Program

Trueform offers flexible retail partnership programs to businesses interested in featuring innovative tech products. All we need is a space in your store to set up a kiosk where we can display our products. We’ll handle the rest of the work, including product selection, managing of signages and promotional materials, and marketing efforts to increase foot traffic in your store.

Additionally, we’ll also provide a POS system to make it easy for you to handle the sales of our products. We’ll also give you exclusive access to our True Analytics platform, which will can provide insights on sales performance.

Interested retailers can inquire more details about the retail partnership programs through our website.

If you still need convincing on how we can help boost your business performance, take a look at the advantages we can bring to our partnership. 

Advantages of Being a Trueform Partner 

1) Expand your selection
It’s nice to have a staple set of products readily available to your everyday customers. As their go-to store, people are confident that they can rely on you to provide what they’re looking for Spice things up by presenting new products to invite their curiosities.

Joining our True Partnership retail program, the expansion of your current item selection with innovative tech products that will surely pique the interest of customers. We can add flavor to your existing collection by including popular products featuring the latest technologies designed to make everyday life more comfortable. Wide our wide selection, we are sure to find the perfect product while still fitting into the theme of your store. 


Trueform has a range of items to offer, from health products and lifestyle accessories to smart home devices and outdoor sports gears. A robot building kit, a smartpen, a remote-controlled garden, an electric bike, a pocket printer, and much more!. We also have a wide array of unique gift ideas you can’t find anywhere else. We assure you that you’ll find something fitting include in your current selection.

What’s more, we refresh the selection from regularly so that customers have a reason to come back more often. You can leverage on their curiosity to know what else you can offer on their future visits. 

2) Empower customers 
Customers want the capacity to choose what, where, and how they want to purchase a product. Retailers are expected to provide purchasing options so consumers can decide the most convenient way for them to buy an item. While the online shopping industry continues to grow, many customers still feel like they’re taking a risk when purchasing something they haven’t experienced in person.

This is one of the reasons we encourage retailers like you to partner with us. We want to empower customers by giving them the choice to choose where to buy our products, whether they want to get it directly from our main branches or our partner stores.

But how does our objective help your retail store? When you become part of our True Partnership program, you’ll have the backing of our marketing team to promote our products in your shop. We’ll handle online advertising to notify our patrons that we have a partner store near their area. It will be our duty to tell customers to visit your shop to see the latest tech products we offer. 

3) Extend market reach 
You may already know who your customers are, including their preferences and expectations from your brand. But if you want to accelerate business growth, you should expand your market reach and expose your store to new customers.

Recently, Walmart decided to partner with Buzzfeed’s Tasty social food network.

The Tasty app enables users to browse through thousands of recipes with ease, complete with video demonstrations on how to cook them. Each recipe includes links to kitchenware and grocery items needed to make the dish. Users can easily add the items to their online cart and have Walmart deliver the products right on their doorstep.

By partnering with Buzzfeed, Walmart was able to tap into the former’s social network of more than 90 million followers. This seemingly natural collaboration allowed Walmart to grow its audience and make it more convenient for users to shop from their retail stores. 


As your partner, it allows you to tap into our customer base, which consists of thousands to millions of users of consumer electronics and innovative gadgets.

The year 2019 hasn’t ended yet, but the retail revenue of the consumer electronics industry in the U.S. already amounts to $401 billion. Obtaining even a tiny fraction of this market will be very advantageous to your retail store. 

4) Take advantage of our brand reputation 
Trueform is an esteemed seller of innovative tech products. We’ve been receiving positive responses from customers online and in-store, and we don’t plan on letting people down on their expectations.

The experiential shopping experience we provide to patrons contributes to the rave reviews we’ve been getting from shoppers. Users were happy that we let them try out the products before they make the purchase. They were able to feel out the item if it’s the right fit for their needs.

You can take advantage of the effectiveness of our marketing scheme when you sign up with our True Partnership program. Customers will flock to your shop when they catch wind that you’re selling our tech products.

The trust and credibility Trueform carries as a brand will also have a positive effect on your branding. Recognizing how we take essential care of our reputation, customers will know that we won’t partner with anyone who doesn’t provide top-of-the-line products. 

5) Reduced cost and increased sales 
Building a retail partnership with us at Trueform to add tech gadgets to your selection is more cost-effective than directly selling the same items from your inventory. With the addition of our POS system powered by Square, you won’t have to worry about altering your sales process.

Our tech products are a hit, so we’re assured that they’ll sell wherever they’re offered. By adding variety to your selection and offering purchase convenience, we’re confident that our products will increase your sales performance. 

Partnering with Trueform

Trueform is more than just your average gadget store. What we offer is a fresh, new take on making everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable

Trueform offers the opportunity for retailers like you to boost your business sales with our help. Currently, we’re partnered with The Duck Store, presently located in Eugene, OR, and several shops in the Greater Seattle Area. We’re looking for interested local retailers to carry our brand and gain the benefits of being our retail partner.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, drop us a message on our website.