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Audio accessories can make your experience listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks much better. From wireless Bluetooth shower speakers that are water safe to fitness watches that come with earbuds to Shokz OpenRun and OpenSwim open-ear headphones, our high-quality audio options both enhance your listening experience and tailor it to your lifestyle.

Why Choose Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers?

Traditional headphones require a wire to connect the listener to their stereo or other music player, and that naturally restricted what you could do while listening to music. These days, the majority of speakers and wireless headphones are wireless and utilize Bluetooth technology, which provides high sound quality and works wirelessly over a short range for two electronic devices. You can use Bluetooth with a variety of devices including tablets, iPads, computers, smartphones, MP3 players, and some televisions.

What Sets Shokz Products Apart?

Shokz offers a unique design with the goal of functionality in mind. The Shokz OpenRun and OpenSwim open-ear headphones, for example, can be used with your cycle, run, or workout. Although you hear the music clearly, they don't completely block background noise – making them the perfect workout headphones. The Open-Run also is slimmer and more durable, allowing you to use it conveniently as you work out. These are one way to listen to music during competitions as well, since many have restrictions on the use of closed headphones or earbuds for safety reasons.

Shokz products have impressive battery life, making them useful whether you're working in the yard for prolonged periods or plan to run a few miles. Comfort is also a major benefit with Shokz products, since you'll find them easy to wear even for long periods of time.

The Shokz Bone Conduction Headphones for running and swimming are convenient because you don't have to wear them in your ears. You can still hear sounds around you. You wear these on your cheekbones, and the soundwaves travel to your inner ear from there.

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