Why the IQ Crown Massage Chair is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Why the IQ Crown Massage Chair is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Over the last few years, taking care of our – and our family’s – health, both mentally and physically, has become a top priority.

While the events of the last two years may have brought more attention to the importance of self-care, it has always been a crucial part of maintaining a healthy, happy, low-stress life and will continue to be just as important in the future.

So, why not buy the perfect gift for your family this holiday period – a gift that will allow them to take care of their physical health, reduce their stress and improve their mental state, while providing unlimited enjoyment and unbeatable comfort?

The IQ Crown Massage Chair has three luxuriously relaxing massage programs
Depending on which parts of your body need the most TLC, you can choose from three adjustable automated massaging programs to target either the back and waist, the neck and shoulders or the whole body, if you need a full body reset.

During the full body massage, your legs are wrapped with expertly designed leg airbags which squeeze and stimulate your calf muscles and tendons and the lower waist messaging airbags morph to fit the individual, providing a perfectly tailored massaging experience for each member of the household.

Meanwhile, the full body roller can manoeuvre underneath the chair to provide a deep tissue massage to the buttocks.

Using the ergonomically embedded armrest controller to change the settings, you can adjust the speed of your massage to customize your experience to perfection – and neither you or your family have to move a muscle to get the relaxation you deserve.

Enjoy music and take calls while having the relax of your life
Bluetooth speakers are built into the IQ Crown Massage Chair, so you’re able to enjoy your favourite music and enjoy a heavenly massage all in one place.

And, we know that there’s nothing worse than sitting down to relax when – all of a sudden – the phone starts to ring: it’s all the way across the room and there’s nothing you’d like to do less than get back up to go and answer it.

That’s why the IQ Crown Massage chair allows you to take phone calls hands free, to allow you to experience unbeatable relaxation even when you have to take a call.

The IQ Crown Massage Chair has a charging USB station
Another common dilemma that causes us to reluctantly leave our sofas or chairs, abandoning our relaxation time, is the need to charge our phones.

Thankfully, this is another problem that the IQ Crown Massage Chair instantly solves, with an inbuilt USB station that allows you to charge any of your mobile devices.

The IQ Crown Massage Chair is built to provide ultimate comfort
As well as being a high tech massage chair, the IQ Crown Massage Chair is also an incredibly comfortable lounge chair – even when it’s not in massage mode – with a flexible pillow and a headrest that facilitates a flawless relaxation experience.

The chair has a Zero Gravity setting which adjusts the seat to the ideal angle for your body – 120 degrees – distributing your body weight and reducing the pressure and stress from your body and muscles, allowing you to feel utterly weightless.

And there are 3 Zero Gravity positions to choose from
So, if you want to buy a gift for a member of your family this year – or if you want to treat yourself to the gift of eternal relaxation – then check out the IQ Crown Massage Chair at the Trueform online shop, where you can save over $1000 on your purchase.