Try the Augmented Reality Shopping Experience Online at Trueform

Try the Augmented Reality Shopping Experience Online at Trueform

Since most of the stores are still closed at the moment, there’s never been a greater need for a new way to shop, and to try out new products, without leaving the safety of our homes. After all, how are you supposed to know if a product is right for you, if you can’t check out the product for yourself in stores?

Trueform is here to help!  We have unveiled augmented reality technology to our online store! Now, you are able to try out several of our most popular products, as if they were right in front of you: the SunCoast Ebony Sandalwood Watch, the Square Off Grand Kingdom set, and the Aura Sawyer 9.7’’ HD WiFi Picture Frame.

What is Augmented Reality?

At its core, augmented reality combines the virtual world with the real one. Smart devices such as tablets and smartphones will display perceptual objects in 3D and render them on the camera as if they were in your current environment. The size of the object is also preserved so user will have an accurate sense of how the object fits into the physical environment.

How can it improve your shopping experience?

Since augmented reality allows the virtual to venture into the physical, it also allows you to see how items of interest will fit into a space, or suit you, personally. For example, you can try out jewelries, clothes or accessories. Shopping with augmented reality allows you to save precious time and energy, and allows you to make quick and sure decisions about whether you want to make a purchase.

You can try on accessories through AR at the Trueform shop.

At Trueform, you can try on the SunCoast sandalwood watch, without leaving your home, and without first having to order it online. All you need to do is head to the Trueform on your Android or Smartphone device, search for the watch, and click Try It On. Then, you’ll be directed to a new tab which turns on your camera, with the image of the watch at its center, so you can hover over your wrist to see if it suits you.

More than this, you can save the photo are share it – this way you can get your friends’ and family’s opinion on your new accessory before you decide to pull the trigger.

You can try out interior items in your home, before you buy.


Augmented reality shopping works great for home décor as well.  The Sawyer Aura smart picture frame, and the Square Off Grand Kingdom Set chessboard are among the items you’ll be able to try before you buy from the Trueform store.

When you browse to the Sawyer smart frame or the Square off chessboard, you can click the little cubic symbol on the product page to be immediately transported to your camera, and you’ll be able to position the product on any surface at your home, to see whether the size and style fits with the surroundings. For the grand kingdom set, you will even see an animation that shows how the "magic chessboard" works. It is really fun!

With the addition of augmented reality to your online shopping experience, you can make sure that your next purchase is risk-free, since you already know how well the products suit you and your home. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to try out Trueform’s newest online addition, and see whether the augmented reality shopping experience will lead to your latest tech-smart purchase.