The Smartest Chessboard in the World

The Smartest Chessboard in the World

Crafted by hand, with a gorgeous rosewood finish, the Square Off Grand Kingdom chessboard is the smartest in existence, allowing you to play against the resident AI – at various levels of difficulty – as well as with your friends, even if they’re hundreds of miles away.

It allows you to play with players remotely.

Whether you want to play with your friends, or with strangers across the globe, the Square Off chess app allows you to practice your skills with whoever you like, wherever they are.

Particularly now, when we might not be able to play with the people we want to in person, the AI chessboard is a great way to reconnect with others.

Improve your skills by challenging the AI.

If you’d prefer to practice your chess skills on your own before you test them out against someone else, then the Square Off Robotic AI Chessboard is perfect for you.

With 20 different levels of difficulty, the chess set’s in-built AI will allow you to test your skills segmentally, providing you with a guide as to the level of your chess playing skill, and as an indicator of when you’re improving.

Not only is the level of difficulty adjustable, to accommodate for your growing chess skill, but this smart chess set allows you to revisit matches, analyse your moves, and improve your chess skill in this way too, thanks to the complementary chess app.

This chessboard is equally perfect for seasoned chess players, and those playing their first game.

Whether you want to purchase the chess set in order to instil a love for the game in your child – who has never played the 1500-year old game – or you’re a seasoned player looking to take your chess game to the next level, the 20 different levels of difficulty allow any player to experience a chess game which is perfectly suited to their ability and experience.

When you’re finished playing, the board cleans up for you.

Probably the most tedious part of playing chess is putting all the pieces back to their starting positions – or, if you have a boxed chess set, it’s setting them up in the first place.

Due to the magnetic moving mechanism built in to the Square Off AI chessboard, you can let the board take care of itself, as it puts the pieces back into position for you, with its invisible robotic arm.

It’s wireless.

Despite the high tech, you don’t need to plug your chessboard into the mains. What’s more: the battery powered Square Off AI chessboard is battery powered, and allows you to play up to 30 games before the battery needs recharging, so it’s low hassle, with all the benefits of the smart technology it’s built with.

Moreover, you can still use the chess set even if the battery runs out – or if you simply want to play a manual game with a friend, or a member of your family. the Square Off chessboard simply suits your specific needs, whenever – and with whoever – you want to play.

So, if you want a chess set which will allow you to play a game whenever you like, simultaneously helping you to improve your skill, and provides you with the opportunity to play with like-minded chess players all over the world, consider the Square Off Robotic AI Chessboard – Grand Kingdom Set, to make your dreams a reality.