Exploding 4th of July sales!

Exploding 4th of July sales!

Starting June 23rd all the way to July 4th all products will be 30 percent off!

July 4th is always a busy weekend, but Nothing feels better than getting a good deal before a big holiday weekend. Here are some of the items that will be on sale on sale!


  1. Click and Grow Smart Gardens

Ever wanted to grow your very own herbs and vegetables, but feel as though you don’t have the time or effort to commit to making sure your plants stay alive and actually grow?


The click and Grown Smart Garden seeded pods and growing station provides the optimum level of oxygen and nutrients to your plants. Moreover, the Smart Garden has an automatic watering system to perfectly suit the type of vegetable, herb, or plant you’re trying to grow.

Simply plug your Smart Garden in and watch your plants grow, and when they need more space to grow simply place them in a bigger pot to help them reach their fullest potential.

Both online and in the store, we have the smart garden 3, the smart garden 9 and the smart garden 9 pro. With all of our products you can start small and keep growing your garden. Each smart garden comes in 3 colors, White, Beige and Lava.

The best way to get into the heat of the summer, by creating a garden for you and your family! Have your family try new herbs and vegetables.


  1. Key smart Pro


As 4th of July can be a crazy fun time, it’s very common to lose your keys among the celebration. With The Key Smart Pro, it is the ultimate key organizer, holding up to 14 keys and giving you the peace of mind knowing your keys are never lost. With the free Tile™ app, you are able to find your Key Smart Pro on a map. You can also use it to find your phone. The Key Smart Pro holds a charge for up to 45 days and you can recharge it with the included micro-USB cable. It also has a super bright, built-in LED flashlight.


Online and in store we carry 5 colors: white, black, red, gold and rose gold.


Each Key Smart includes:

  • Built in LED light
  • Built in bottle Opener
  • Easy to follow guide to connect your Key Smart to Tile App
  • Charging cable 
  1. IQ Skyline Crown Massage Chair

This is a perfect gift for anyone who has been on their feet all day or to relax, sit back and watch the fireworks.


What’s so great about it? Crown Compact Massage Chair is the latest in compact high-end luxury comfort. With a sleek and modern design, this compact chair is incomparable to others in the market. This lightweight, comfortable chair is easy to use. It comes with one year limited factory warranty which covers all parts, labor and framework of the chair.

Some of the specifications include

Leg Shaping Massage
Leg airbags completely wrap the calf muscles and tendons giving them a rhythmic interactive relaxing squeeze massage, allowing for full comfort and relaxation.

Armrest Embedded Controller
The remote control and massage chair are integrated for a unique and convenient massage functionality experience. Allowing the user to apply functions without having to move the arm from a rest and relaxed position.

3 Adjustable Automated Programs
There are multiple modes to adjust from: Full Body, Neck & Shoulder, Back & Waist stretch. These massage modes allow for a specified massage experience depending on what areas of the body need the most relief.

Adjustable Speed
Manually adjust the speed intensity of your massage. Three separate speeds achieve different decompression effects for the user.

Lower Waist Airbags
The Crown Series lower waist airbags morph specifically to the individual seated within the chair. This allows for a unique experience that cannot be mimicked by the human touch, leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

Zero Gravity
In the zero-gravity position, the seat moves to the ideal 120 angle, distributing body weight and reducing pressure on the body to deliver the ultimate in comfort. Move the chair into its zero-gravity position to remove all stress on the muscles and experience a weightless sensation. Choose from 3 different zero gravity positions.

  1. Nomad bifold Wallet


Bifold wallet is designed for maximum storage capacity. A unique thermoforming process with Nomad's signature Horween leather gives this wallet space to comfortably hold bills and cards. The leather is crafted to patina over time, ensuring it develops a look that is uniquely yours.

  • Holds 15 cards comfortably
  • 1 External quick access card slot
  • Fits unfolded bills up to 70mm tall
  • Thermoformed leather shape
  • Horween leather from USA
  • Develops a rugged patina

In Our store and online we offer two colors for all wallets and that is brown and black.

  1. WearBuds Watch



On-wrist charging earbuds | Fitness & health tracker | 10-day battery life | IPX6 Water-resistant. Enjoy your music anywhere you go and stay healthy with this unique smart watch! Trusted by 200,000 loyal customers.

The Wearbuds Watch is a revolutionary device that brings together a game-changing smartwatch, high-quality earbuds, and an advanced health & fitness tracker into one perfect timepiece.

This 3rd generation watch comes with a much better design not as bulky as previous generations, with TFT LED display. It hides a built-in charging compartment for your earbuds. Together with its various tracking and communication features, Wearbuds Watch is stylish enough to make a statement and modern enough to keep up with your lifestyle.


With these great new deals, we hope you enjoy and stay safe during Independence Day! Sit back watch and enjoy the fireworks! Our online store is always open, and our in-person store is open from 10am to 7pm on the 4th of July!