Always Have a Beautiful Smelling Home with the Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser

Always Have a Beautiful Smelling Home with the Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser

At one time or another, we’ve all been embarrassed by the way our home has smelled. Maybe you’ve left the dishes out for slightly too long, or your pets are in need of a bath, and have resultantly left a trail of musk throughout your home- or perhaps you’re due to wash your couch throws and do your dirty laundry.

Whatever the case is, a lingering smell makes your home unpleasant to be in- even when you get used to it. It’s even worse if you receive some unexpected company, which forces you to hurriedly scramble to find a scented candle or an old, plug-in, barely working diffuser that does little to remedy the stench, and results in a visit comprised of your wondering have they noticed? Meanwhile, they probably have, and are doing everything they can to appear as if they haven’t.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you never had to worry about having a bad-smelling house ever again, with minimal effort on your part? In fact, what if you could modify the scent of your house based on your mood, the atmosphere you want to create in your home, or the kind of guests you’re having over. The Moodo Smart Fragrance Diffuser can be loaded with a multitude of different scents, and can be used even when you’re out of the house.

The Moodo Fragrance Diffuser can be controlled from wherever you are, via an app.

This means that, even if you forget you’re having company over- or you simply want to experience a boost of freshness when you walk through the door after coming home from work, for example –as long as you have your phone, your house can always smell delicious.

The app allows you to mix and match fragrances, since the diffuser can be simultaneously loaded with 4 different scents. More than this, you can customise how dominant you want each scent to be within your home, and you’ll receive suggestions as to which of the scents will be most complementary to each other. If you like a particular combination of scents, and want to save it for future use, the app makes this possible. Moreover, you can share your scent-combinations via message, to your friends and family.

The Moodo Fragrance Diffuser can be loaded with dozens of different scents.

While the diffuser comes with 4 scents, there are dozens of different scents which you can purchase, including (but not limited to): lavender, spice bouquet, fireplace, sea breeze, floral magic, orange sunrise, amber wood, xmas tree, sandalwood mahara, citrus sunrise and grandma vanilla scent varieties.

Is the diffuser pet- and child-friendly?

Yes. One of the top reasons for purchasing a smart diffuser, is to manage the scent that our beloved pets or little ones leave behind, so Moodo made it their priority to ensure that the product was safe for children, pets and also for pregnant women to inhale.

More than being non-toxic, the diffuser leaves no wax, oil or aerosol residues, making it extra safe, as these qualities of the smart diffuser ensures that there is no fire risk associated with using the product.

So, if you want to ensure that your house never smells dirty again, and instead greets you, your family and any guests you have over, with a combination of scents suited to your taste, then you should purchase the Moodo Smart Fragrance Diffuser, and allow the Moodo to modify the scent of your house to fit you.