3 Products to Transform Your Social Distancing Experience

3 Products to Transform Your Social Distancing Experience

All over the globe, we’re going through the same thing:fearing the coronavirus, while simultaneously trying to balance this new, more introverted way of living that’s become necessary for most of the world to adopt. As such, we’ve been messaging, Skyping, and Facetiming non-stop to ensure that we stay connected to our loved ones- but there are a few more products which may make the social distancing journey a little smoother.

 While we all do our best to keep ourselves and others safe by adhering to the social distancing measures, and staying home wherever possible, these three products will be sure to improve your quarantine experience and help you to fill your time.

 The Click & Grow Smart Garden 9.

 To help you bring nature indoors, why not purchase a bitesize garden to keep and maintain inside your home?

 TheSmart Garden is great for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers indoors, ensuring that they have exactly the amount of light, water and nutrients that they need, thanks to the refillable water tank, and smart soil.Though the smart garden comes with complementary basil, tomato and lettuce plant capsules for you to try, you aren’t limited to these varieties; you can purchase up to 30 pre-seeded plant capsules, and acquire an experimental refill, to try your hand at growing anything you like. NASA inspired, the garden is fitted with an LED-lighting system that uses only 8W of power when plugged in.

 During this period of self-isolation is the perfect time to try growing your own herbs, or fruit and vegetables, to use in your everyday cooking for you and your family.

The Aura Smart Photo Frame.

With a 9.7’’ screen, and a textured matte finish, this smart photo frame is the best way to display your photos, and can be controlled instantly via an app, and by using the touch screen.

 The Aura frame is a sleek, smart way to keep your best memories with friends and family by your side, during these potentially isolating times: it’s just one more way to keep connected, and to remind yourself that you’re not alone, even if you can’t be with your loved ones right now. What’s more: you can link other family members’ frames to your Aura app, and vice versa, and send each other photos whenever you want.

 The Neo Smart Class Kit.

 The Neo Smart Class kit allows you to instantly create notes and explanation videos by clicking the smart pen ‘on’: just begin writing on the tablet. This product is great for teachers, lecturers, or people in science and advertising, who would usually be giving presentations or lectures, or doing group work during this time.

 Where recording traditional explanation videos would usually take a lot of time and effort, the simplicity of the Neo Smart Class Kit can be set up in seconds- and your explanation video can be sent instantly via an LMS.

 So, what are you waiting for? If there’s a time to treat yourself to some new smart products, it’s now: allow your memories, and the memories of your friends and family, to be displayed all over your home and vamp up your interior design; innovate your teaching or working life or; take up a new hobby, such as indoor gardening and horticulture. Most importantly, though, remember to keep in contact with your loved ones, stay safe, and stay home.