MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City
MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City


MICRODUINO | Itty Bitty City

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Itty Bitty City is fun to build! The programming is easy to understand so even beginners and those new to the maker world can create their very own Itty Bitty City. With programming instructions included, creating an Itty Bitty City teaches kids the logic behind the function while they are building and playing.

The end result is two-fold:

  • Learn how to build a versatile, exciting toy that can perform many functions.
  • Use and apply logic, and problem solving.

The programming skills they learn are mDesigner (based on Scratch), Python, and Arduino (C++). Itty Bitty Buggy is truly an educational toy that lowers the barriers to STEM education.


    1 box can build 8 projects - includes everything needed such as colorful, step-by-step instruction manual, building blocks, sensors, wires, modules and software for Windows and Mac IDE installation.
    We provide all the code you need for all our projects with the kit. Just select the build project and upload. Supported by Arduino IDE and drag and drop programming language, you can see how it works right in front of your eyes and modify the code yourself. This is an amazing way to learn how to program
    No soldering required. Soldering can be dangerous and sometimes not permitted. Our revolutionary mCookie chips are magnetic so building Is a snap
    Microduino products best facilitate STEM education while teaching kids about fundamentals of electricity, sensors, chips, and programming. Acknowledged by TIME, Forbes, TechCrunch, Wired, and more
    Dedicated customer support team available on standby. Available by chat, phone, or email 24/7. Rich resources such as wiki page, idea lab, video channel and forum are also available for help and inspiration. 


Kit includes four fun and interesting builds that teach children new concepts about how electronics work together in practical ways. Instruction cards are included, along with the magnetic modules, and are easy to follow so kids can immediately start building their creations. Having valuable educational play time is important and mPie provides the perfect product for students to do just that!

Projects include:

  • Piggy Bank - Want to save up some money? This Piggy Bank project plays a sound when you drop a coin in.
  • 1 VS 1 Basketball- Challenge your friend to a game of finger basketball!
  • Reflex Battle- Did you lose in the Basketball game? Build this Reflex Battle game and have a rematch.
  • Lighthouse- Want to light up an area? Build this project and use the remote control to change the color of the light.
  • Smart Car - Want to send a note to someone across the room? Why not use this Smart Car and have it delivered to them!
  • Music Box - In the mood for some music? Build this project and swipe one of the music cards to hear a funky tune.
  • Windmill- The windmill spins when you clap your hands!
  • Nightlight- Afraid of the dark? This projects automatically lights up when the room becomes dark.

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