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It started with smartphones and smart TVs. Now, you can find a wide variety of smart devices, from video doorbells to kitchen appliances. Our Home and Kitchen collection includes other smart kitchen gadgets, Bluetooth speakers, smart scales, bluetooth projectors and even smart gardens. We have the perfect smart home devices to make your life easier in every room of your home.

What Is a Smart Home Gadget?

A smart home gadget, whether it's smart lights, a smart coffee maker or wireless speakers, connects to the Internet. You can then control that device from your computer or mobile device.

Everyone knows about smart speakers, but many other gadgets have smart features and wi-fi connectivity. You can find everything from smart faucets to vacuums to coffee makers to door locks, and pretty much anything in between. Two popular smart home devices include smart scales and smart gardens.

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Smart Scale

Smart scales connect to Wi-Fi and have been around since 2009. Initially, the scales could only measure your weight, but they now can gather a variety of health data including body composition and heart rate.

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Smart Garden

Think you don’t have a green thumb or room for a garden? Our Click & Grow Smart Garden was made for you! This product makes it easy to grow herbs or houseplants. Its Smart Soil provides all the nutrients plants need, its LED lamp provides enhanced light spectra to promote growth, and best of all, the Smart Garden can take care of plants automatically – a big help if you like to travel.

At Trueform, we offer a range of home kitchen products and even smart home gadgets. Shop with us for everything from smart coffeemakers to full-body massaging recliners, biometric locks and Bluetooth speakers.

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