XPLORA 4 is the Ultimate Gift for Your Children

XPLORA 4 is the Ultimate Gift for Your Children

As a parent of a child in the modern technological age, it can be hard to strike the balance between allowing your child the freedom to explore the digital world, whilst making sure they stay safe, and that the content they’re exposed to is appropriate for their stage of development.

With this in mind, the XPLORA 4 was created by parents with the aim of increasing the safety of young children, making parents’ jobs easier while still allowing your young children to take their first steps into the digital world.

The XPLORA 4 is a smart watch which doubles up as a phone.

More than simply telling the time, the XPLORA 4 allows your child to make and receive calls and texts from predetermined contacts: this feature, implemented with your child’s safety in mind, ensures that your child won’t receive unsuitable calls- such as sales calls, or prank calls -from unknown numbers.

–And these days, what phone is complete without a camera? The XPLORA 4 has a built-in 2MP camera, allowing your child to capture their earliest and most precious memories as they’re being made, as well as providing them with hours of entertainment.

You’ll never have to worry about your child getting lost.

Every parent has, at some point, experienced the horror of losing sight of their child- in the supermarket, at the park, or even when they’re playing outside on your street. Imagine what it would be like if you never had to feel that helplessness again, and you could instead check where they were, instantly?

Thanks to the XPLORA 4, this dream can be a parent’s reality. Via an app, you can check where your child is on Google maps, or see where they are on a satellite image. Your child will also be able to access their own location, meaning they can more easily find you, or somewhere familiar, and avoid becoming panicked and upset. Moreover, the XPLORA 4 has an SOS button which your child can press if they ever feel like they are in danger, or if they’ve gone wandering off and have consequently lost you.

You can be sure that they aren’t using the XPLORA 4 at school.

Thanks to the ‘school mode’ setting on the XPLORA device, which can be controlled from parents’ phones via an app, you’re able to disable the XPLORA between certain times. This mode can be predetermined to cover a certain period (such as when your child is at school) and can also be enabled/disabled at your own convenience.

While your child will be unable to disable this setting from their watch, and thus be unable to send texts, make calls, or take photos, they will still be able to use the SOS function if they are in trouble.

The XPLORA’s internet function excludes social medias and other non-child friendly sites.

The XPLORA ensures that your child can’t access Snapchat, Facebook, Google, or YouTube, since the majority of the content on these sites is a far-cry away from being child-friendly; the function of the 4G internet is purely to ensure your child’s safety.

The XPLORA 4 is essentially child-proof.

While it is still possible to break the XPLORA 4 (as is the case with anything- especially when children are involved) the XPLORA 4 is hardy and waterproof, so your child can still use it while swimming, running, or playing, without the worry of breakage.

So, if you want to give your child the gift of being safer than ever before, then you should consider purchasing the XPLORA 4 smart watch for your child today.