WearBuds: The Next Step in Bluetooth Earphone Technology

WearBuds: The Next Step in Bluetooth Earphone Technology

Coming from the tech revolutionaries at Aipower, WearBuds are the creative and convenient solution to the problems that wireless earphones usually create.

One of the biggest issues faced by earbud fans, is that their wireless earphones are easily lost – since they’re small and not attached to a wire like the earphones of yore – so the brains at Airpower decided to come up with a solution.

A waterproof fitness band that doubles up as a case and charger, to keep your WearBuds safe and always charged.

Aipower has created a product comprising of both a fitness band, and two top quality Bluetooth-connected earbuds.

Doubling up as a case and charger for your earbuds, you can always charge your earphones when they run out of battery, since the WearBuds fitness band enables on-wrist charging, while constantly providing a space to store your buds if you’re not using them.

More than this, the band’s charging capability means that your earbuds are fully charged after just one hour, granting you 13 hours of non-stop playtime.

The WearBuds’ fitness band ensures that your earbuds are always on hand if you suddenly want to listen to some music, and alleviates your worry that you’ve lost your buds, as you’ll always be able to see them plugged into your wrist.

WearBuds are earbuds of the highest audio quality.

In addition to being easy to store and charge, it’s essential that your earphones provide the best listening experience possible.

With this in mind, WearBuds are complete with high fidelity sound – zero latency with aptX – and benefit from an ultra-stable Bluetooth connection.

The band is complete with a range of fitness features.

Though the fitness band’s primary selling point is its ability to hold and charge your earbuds, it comes with a range of smart features to track your fitness.

Tracking your heart rate, the number of calories you burn, distance travelled and your quality of sleep,  the WearBuds fitness band can cater to all of your fitness needs. Moreover, the band can connect to your phone to allow you to receive message reminders, and has a maximum battery life of around 7 days, so you don’t need to charge it every night.

In the box...

If you purchase the original WearBuds band and buds, there are a number of colors to choose from including: shiny black, shiny white, shiny coral, and shiny mint. In the box, you will receive a fitness band and two wireless earbuds in this color.

Moreover, you’ll be given a magnetic charging cable to give your fitness band the occasional charge it requires. You’ll also receive a quick start guide to help you get started with your Wearbuds.

Both Lite and original WearBuds come with a 45 day guarantee and 180 day return warranty – as such, in the box, you will receive a warranty card if you change your mind about your WearBuds.

So, if you want to own the latest in wireless earphone technology – and to benefit from on-wrist charging, as well as never worrying about losing your earbuds again, you can purchase from Trueform here.