WearBuds Pro: the Next Evolution in Bluetooth Earphone Technology

WearBuds Pro: the Next Evolution in Bluetooth Earphone Technology

As the latest creation from the tech revolutionaries at Aipower, the WearBuds Pro wireless earbuds are the ultimate development in earbud technology.

Combining their wireless earbud product with a high-tech fitness band that doubles up as a charger and earbud case, Aipower have solved one of the major pain points for wireless earbud users, so that you’ll never have to lose your earbuds again.

With the WearBuds Pro, you always have your ear buds on hand when you need them.

The Wearbuds Pro earbuds deliver the highest quality sound.

Complete with a 6mm speaker in each ear bud and high fidelity sound – zero latency with aptX and a high tech graphine driver – your Wearbuds earbuds will deliver unrivalled sound quality in your ears, every time you listen, to deliver an unparalleled immersive music experience.

Your on-hand earbud charger is complete with smart features.

In addition to storing and charging your earbuds – and, of course, telling you the time – the Wearbuds Pro fitness band allows you to control your music from your wrist, get notifications from your phone, and accept (or reject) calls.

Moreover, to supercharge your fitness, the Wearbuds Pro band comes with multi-sport modes to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re walking, running or cycling. The WearBuds Pro fitness band allows you to track the number of steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve travelled, the calories you’ve burned, and the floors you’ve ascended, in addition to monitoring your heart rate.

And, for when you’re at your least active, the WearBuds Pro band also monitors your sleep quality.

The WearBuds Pro fitness band can connect to an immersive app.

To see your fitness stats, and the records of your activity (or lack thereof) over time, you can synch your WearBuds Pro fitness band to the WearBuds app, to gain even greater insight into the stats picked up by your fitness band.

Both the earbuds and band are water resistant.

To ensure that you can use your earbuds and wear your fitness band in rain or shine, the Wearbuds Pro earbuds have IPX6 water resistance, while the band has IPX5 water resistant capability, to make sure that – whatever the weather – you can live your life exactly how you want to, whether you want to dance in the rain or go cycling in a storm.

The WearBuds Pro design is unparalleled.

At the TrueForm online store, the WearBuds Pro band and buds are available to purchase in sophisticated shadow grey,  and the fitness band is scratch resistant, so your WearBuds Pro band will stay looking great throughout the years.

More than this, the ergonomic design of the band means that your earbuds can easily snap and secure into the band to regain charge and ensure that you’re never at risk of losing them.

The WearBuds Pro ear buds and band have stellar battery life.

The WearBuds wireless ear buds can be used for up to a period of 5.5 hours, with a charging time of just 1 hour, when snapped into the multi-purpose fitness band, which doubles up as a charger.

More than this, the WearBuds Pro fitness band can last up to 7 days without being charged, and has a similarly respectable charging time of 1.5 hours.

So, if you want to revolutionise the way you use earphones, to enhance your workouts and make your everyday life more seamlessly convenient – without the worry of losing your earbuds, or running out of charge on the go – upgrade to the WearBuds Pro earbuds and fitness band.