Upgrade your Workout with the Xtrainerz Waterproof Headphones

Upgrade your Workout with the Xtrainerz Waterproof Headphones
You can’t beat the feeling of taking that first dive into the sea – or the lake, or even your local swimming pool – as your body is enveloped by the silky consistency of the water as you push yourself through its depths.

Or can you?

After the initial rush of the workout has settled, and you’re pushing through the lengths, you notice that you’re beginning to get a little tired, becoming acutely more aware of your taxed muscles, and maybe even a little bored.

What if you could listen to all your favorite songs underwater, with each length spurred on by your most motivational tracks to hype up each swim practice, allowing you to push yourself to the limit, training harder and faster as you’re relieved of the mental distractions that usually slow you down?

Introducing the AfterShokz Xtrainerz – the earphones designed for swimmers – now available to purchase from the Trueform online shop.

With a durable full wraparound titanium band, the Aftershokz Xtrainerz headphones are super lightweight, weighing only 30g, whilst being unbeatably sturdy – titanium is as strong as steel, but only about 45% of the weight, striking the perfect compromise between being durable and light.

These qualities make the Xtrainerz perfect for swimmers, runners and bikers who want headphones that provide the assurance of the full wraparound design – meaning the headphones won’t fall off or out during your workout – whilst adding an imperceptible degree of mass to your practice, ensuring you stay streamlined in the water, and aerodynamic above ground.

Built to be comfortable under a swim cap, the Xtrainerz are – most crucially – IP68 waterproof, meaning they’re fully submersible, so you can swim underwater for as long as you like with no risk of damaging your workout-friendly headphones.

Moreover, the open-ear design, powered by bone conduction technology, is perfect for runners and cyclers who want to train hard and be able to listen to music without the worry of their earphones falling out (and potentially being destroyed under wheel or foot).

Able to store and play up to 1200 songs, the Xtrainerz has 4GB of MP3 storage to play with. Regrettably, the device isn’t Bluetooth compatible – however, audio files are super easy to upload to the device, which supports MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and FLAC audio files.

To upload audio files to the Xtrainerz headphone storage, simply open the USB charging cradle – which comes with your purchase, used primarily to restore the charge to your headphones – and insert your Xtrainerz into the charger before closing the charging cradle. Then, plug the USB end into your computer, where an Xtrainerz drive will pop up, and you can drag and drop all the audio files you want into the drive.

It’s as simple as that.

Moreover, with an 8-hour battery life, athletes can train for as long as they like, and never need to worry about not having their music there to back them up and spur them on. Moreover, the time taken to re-charge the battery after a hard day’s workout is two hours max – simply plug it into the induction charging cradle – and the Xtrainerz can be left on stand-by for up to 10 days before running out of charge.

So, if you want to revolutionise the way you train in the water – or above ground, on a bike or on foot – check out the Xtrainerz titanium full wraparound headphones at the Trueform online store, for a seamless, infallible listening experience that can enhance every workout.