Trueform Introduces the Cat Litter Robot to its Flagship Store in Bellevue Square

Trueform Introduces the Cat Litter Robot to its Flagship Store in Bellevue  Square

Hello cat owners! We know you all really “enjoy” the daily routine of scooping up and
disposing your kitty’s “messes” as well as keeping your houses clean and odor free. Well now we have a savior: the Litter-Robot 3 Connect. Simply, this is a self-cleaning litter box which prevents spillage and ensures that your cat always enjoys a clean mass of litter each time they need to relieve themselves. This is a particularly revolutionary product for owners whose cats are fussy about having a clean litter tray, and who may choose to go elsewhere if the tray is not cleaned to their satisfaction. This litter robot is highly reviewed, receiving a whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars by its purchasers. Its retail price is $499. Now you can purchase
it at the Trueform store for 10% discount. 

How does it work?
Your cat enters the tray, as it would do normally, and after exiting the device (which the robot detects via its cat sensor technology), the robot sifts the litter, separating the waste and soiled litter from the unused litter, and depositing the clumps into the waste drawer.
The highly sensitive sifting mechanism of the robot means that only clumps of cat litter are removed, leaving behind clean litter for your cats to use, ensuring that you save on cat litter- in fact, the Litter-Robot can reduce the amount of litter by up to 50%, reducing the time you spend refilling the box, and the amount of litter you have to buy. 

The Litter Robot is Wi-Fi-enabled.
The litter robot connects to your phone via the ‘Connect’ app, which allows you to monitor how full the waste drawer is, troubleshoot if you have any issues with the robot, and see data relating to your cat’s use of the litter robot. It provides insight into your cat’s health. When the waste drawer is full, the owner is notified by the app, so you know when to clear out the drawer. You can use the app on Apple devices with IOS 9 or a more recent update, and Android devices 6.0 or greater.  

Say Goodbye to Odor When You Switch to the Litter-Robot.
Thanks to the quick removal and storage of any waste that your cat may leave in the litter robot, you’re unlikely to notice any odor at all. The waste drawer is carbon filtered, which reduces smell naturally, and helps to ensure that no stinks arise from the drawer right up until its reached full capacity and needs to be emptied. 

Is it totally safe for cats to use?
Yes, 100%. The technology’s number one concern is, of course, your cats’ safety. Cat sensor technology is built into the litter robot, and it also has a pinch detect safety system. Moreover, if you’re worried about your cats accidentally pressing the buttons on the control panel, there’s a control panel lockout function which you can use to ensure that this doesn’t happen. 

What extras come with the box?
With every Litter Robot, you will receive:

  • 1 Carbon Filter
  • 3 Waste Drawer Liners 
  • A 15v DC Power Supply 

So, if you’re ready to embrace an odor-free home, spend less time and energy changing,
and buying, cat litter, then make sure to check out the Litter-Robot 3 Connect: the newest
product from Trueform’s flagship store in Bellevue Square.