Top 5 Lifestyle Products You Need

Top 5 Lifestyle Products You Need

Aside from style and design, modern lifestyle products must offer practicality and exhibit functionality. They must have features that can positively impact your daily life.
Here at Trueform, we ensure our products offer the efficiency and sensibility you’re looking for to upgrade products you use every day. Here are 5 of the best lifestyle products from our selection. 

1) ESPRO Ultralight Travel Coffee Press P0 
It’s healthier and much more cost-effective to blend your coffee than regularly stopping at your local café. With the ESPRO Ultralight Travel Coffee Press P0, it’s possible to brew fresh coffee on the go. 


The ESPRO Coffee Press P0 is the lightest, most portable French press you’ll ever need. You can make 10oz of coffee or 12oz of tea with it.

It has a double-walled stainless steel canister for enhanced durability. It’s vacuum-insulated to ensure any liquid you put in stays hot or cold for prolonged periods.

Its plunger features double micro-filters made from materials free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates. The two adjoining micro-filters through a twist-lock mechanism for easier removal and separation.

Around the rim of the micro-filter, you’ll find a silicone lip that fits the inner walls of the container perfectly, creating a vacuum seal to guarantee a consistent brew from your first pour up to the last drop. The vacuum seal also stops the plunger from moving, ensuring it stays in place while you’re pouring the contents of the ESPRO French Press. 

2) Rocketbook Everlast Mini

Studies show that writing can help you retain memories longer and understand concepts better. But carrying a large notebook when you’re always on the go can be cumbersome and impractical.

What if you can bring a pocket-sized notepad with the usability of a 1,000-page notebook?

The ESPRO Coffee Press P0 is available in brushed metal, chalk white, gunmetal grey, and meteorite black color variants. 

The Rocketbook Everlast Mini is a 48-page notebook that’s infinitely reusable. With the help of the Pilot FriXion pen line, you can easily erase the contents on a page by wiping it off with a damp cloth.

The only restriction with the notebook is that you can only use pens from the Pilot FriXion brand and model. Using pens with non-washable ink may damage it and prevent reusing the pages.

Before you wipe off the scribbles on the page, take a quick scan of it using the Rocketbook mobile app. The app can quickly capture your notes, automatically organize them, and save them in the cloud or send them to a specified email address.

The Rocketbook Everlast Mini has the same height as a Frixion Pen, allowing the notebook to slide into your pocket easily. It’s the perfect companion for students, writers, engineers, or just about anyone who needs a reliable notepad to write on anytime they need it. 

3) NOMAD Wireless Charger Stand
Most of us live in a world where our phones are a keystone to communicating with friends, colleagues, and family. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves dependent on the battery life of our phones. 

 With the NOMAD Wireless Charger Stand, you can instantly see all messages received without having to pick up the phone. One look, and you can immediately assess if the notification is essential or if it can be read later. 

4) Sapphire Touch Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
Forget about changing SIM cards and searching for available data plans whenever you visit another country. With the Sapphire Touch Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, you get an all-in-one solution perfect for frequent travelers. If you’re a jet setter, there’s nothing more helpful than a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device you can bring into any country.

Aside from using local SIM cards, one of the usual methods to stay online when you’re in another country is to activate your network’s roaming feature. Roaming is costly, though, in addition to having limited connection capacity. 

The NOMAD Wireless Charger Stand is a stylish lifestyle product designed to give your work desk or bedside a touch of modernity. It’s also very portable since you can fold the kickstand and store it inside your luggage.

Its polycarbonate frame has a leather top for holding your smartphone in place. The aluminum kickstand ensures the charger stands upright and remains balanced from the weight of the phone. On the underside, you’ll find a rubber base that prevents slippage and improve the stability of the stand.

The NOMAD Wireless Charger Stand is compatible with any iPhone with a 7.5-watt charging capacity, including the X, XR, XS, XS Max, 8, and 8+ models. It’s also compatible with Android devices enabled for wireless charging. 


With the Sapphire Touch, you can seamlessly connect to different networks from over 130 countries without having to commit to a contract or suffer from expensive roaming charges. You have the power to choose from different pay-as-you-go prepaid data plans and enjoy 4G LTE connection speed offered by local network providers.

You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously using the hotspot feature of the Sapphire Touch. Password protection secures the created local network.

The Sapphire Touch has a 4-inch touch screen display that shows your data usage, the connection speed, and the number of devices connected to the network.

Aside from its easy internet connectivity feature, the Sapphire Touch has another ace up its sleeve. It has a built-in power bank component that lets you charge your phone through the USB port. Its 3,500 mAh battery has a 15-hour power reserve you can use to give your mobile phone some juice for emergencies. 

5) NOMAD Slim Charging Wallet

If you’re a busy bee who often forgets to recharge your iPhone or bring your power bank to work, you’ll love what the NOMAD Slim Charging Wallet has to offer. 

 The NOMAD Slim Charging Wallet is equipped with a slim power bank capable of fully charging an iPhone. This charger is one of these surprising and innovative products for everyday use. The 2400mAh lithium-ion battery has an Apple Lightning 5V/1.5A cable protected connection with polycarbonate end caps. The encased battery in durable aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when you accidentally drop your wallet.

Aside from its fantastic function, the Slim Charging Wallet presents excellent style with its vegetable tanned Horween leather, which produces a lovely patina as it ages. 

The NOMAD Slim Charging Wallet designed and tested to pass airport security for compliance with standards for carry-on batteries. It is lightweight, and with its minimalist style, you won’t notice its difference with a standard wallet. 

These are the lifestyle products that can make everyday tasks easier to accomplish. They all feature a combination of functionality, versatility, and practicality, which are factors necessary in modern products available today.

Trueform offers these products and more on our website. You can also visit our stores located at the Bellevue Square Mall and the UW University Book Store in Washington, and the Duck Store in Oregon, and try out the products before buying them.