The Three Coolest Health-Tech Gadgets

The Three Coolest Health-Tech Gadgets

It’s easier than ever to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle with health tech gadgets. Often paired with a mobile app that lets you monitor your fitness goals. You can view information about your physical health and receive suggestions on how to improve your welfare. 

Trueform sells a variety of health-tech gadgets that we’ve carefully selected to ensure they pass our standards on innovation and effectiveness. Here are the three coolest health-tech gadgets we recommend for you.  

Here are 5 handy gadgets that you can bring wherever you go.
1) AYO Light Therapy Glasses
The AYO Light Therapy Glasses are scientifically tested to help users sleep better and boost energy throughout the day.

This is the product of years of research, and its effects are outcomes of countless scientific tests. This health-tech gadget works by mimicking the beneficial effects of natural sunlight by emitting a gentle, barely noticeable blue-turquoise light.

Studies on the body’s Circadian rhythm show that people subconsciously follow a 24-hour clock which follows the circadian cycle. People naturally become active during the day and rest at night. The cells which control this innate response are highly sensitive to the natural blue light of the sun. 


The AYO Light Therapy Glasses uses these findings on blue light to stimulate photosensitive retinal cells involved in hormone regulation. These cells help optimize your circadian clock by regulating your body’s production of melatonin to give you more energy throughout your day.

Consistently using the AYO glasses 20 minutes a day helps correct any imbalance in your circadian rhythm. The results lead to better sleep patterns and higher energy levels. It can even be used to cure jet lag by restoring the body to a regular schedule.

The AYO glasses work with a mobile app that can be connected using Bluetooth, which tells you the time when to best use the device.

The health-tech gadget is made of lightweight materials, making it portable and comfortable to wear. It comes with a protective case that has an integrated wireless charger, so the AYO glasses recharges when it's not in use.

The AYO Light Therapy Glasses is compliant with the health regulations enforced in the US and the EU, so it is entirely safe for use.  

2) WHILL Model Ci
One of the greatest and overlooked joys in life is the freedom to travel with ease and independence. With age or physical impairment, it can become difficult or impossible to stroll down city streets or walk along peaceful pathways in the park. The WHILL Model Ci provides a solution with a sleek design without sacrificing comfort or functionality. 

One of the greatest and overlooked joys in life is the freedom to travel with ease and independence. With age or physical impairment, it can become difficult or impossible to stroll down city streets or walk along peaceful pathways in the park. The WHILL Model Ci provides a solution with a sleek design without sacrificing comfort or functionality.  


The WHILL Model Ci’s small footprint and responsive controls allow pin-point maneuvering inside shops, cafes, or grocery stores. For rough roads and long treks, it can run up to a speed of 5 mph within a 10-mile range. It can clear obstacles up to 2-inch in height and can remain stable despite traveling across uneven ground.

WHILL always had safety in mind when they built the Model Ci. They’ve installed a built-in safety horn and LED light tail lamps to enhance your visibility while you’re on the road.

Its electromagnetic breaks automatically kick in on down-slopes to avoid unwanted acceleration and ensure safe stopping. The Model Ci’s twin-motor drive system provides up to 4-speed settings. It also enables the Model Ci to drive on elevated terrain up to a 10-degree incline.

The adjusted seat, adjusted back support, fixed armrest, and proper foot support on the Model Ci provides maximum comfort, posture, and accessibility. You can even transfer the position of its ergonomic controller and put it either on the left or the right side, depending on your preferred orientation.

Aside from being compact, the Model Ci is also lightweight and portable. You can disassemble it in a matter of seconds, and have it packed at the back of your car.
What makes the Whill Model Ci more innovative compared to other mobility devices is its use of Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. The mobile app can lock the Model Ci to keep it secure and usable only to you. You can custom access to information like battery health, distance traveled, and change movement speed. For iOS users, there is an additional feature that allows you to drive the Model Ci remotely and have it come to your location.

With all these appealing features, you might think it will take a lifetime to power up the Model Ci. The good news is that the charging time for the Model Ci takes only around 5 hours. You can use its built-in battery to charge your mobile devices while you’re riding it.

The WHILL Model Ci is an innovation that lets you enjoy the pleasures in life without worrying about compromising your safety. Visit our store at Bellevue Square for a test ride! 

3) Motiv Ring
The Motiv Ring is a smart accessory that functions as a health monitor, a fitness tracker, and a sleep tracker. It can track your heart rate, distance traveled, the number of steps made, and the calories burned while wearing the ring. 

 The Motiv Ring connects to a mobile app – showing a summary of your fitness activities and your progress towards hitting your targets. You can review your sleep patterns to determine if there are discrepancies in your sleep pattern or see if your body is getting enough sleep.

The Motiv Ring can store three days’ worth of data that automatically syncs with its smartphone app through Bluetooth. It saves you time, so you don’t have to bring your phone every time you walk, run, or swim.

What sets the Motiv Ring apart from other fitness tracking gadgets is its online security feature. You can use this health-tech gadget to log into websites like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other sites that use WebAuthn technology. With a simple hand gesture, you can log into your account without fear of having your password copied when you type it.

The Motiv Ring is built to last with its titanium shell, making it super strong and durable and weighs less than a penny!. It’s also water-resistant up to a depth of 165 feet. The Motiv Ring can last up to 3 days of use after recharging it for 90 minutes.

It’s a smart design, and versatile look allows means that you can pair this accessory with any outfit. If you’re fond of fitness trackers, but you want to wear something more subtle, then the Motiv Ring is the perfect health-tech gadget for you!

To see more health-tech gadgets, simply go to our online store and browse through our collections. But if you want to see them up close and personal, you can try them yourself on our Bellevue Square store.
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