The Rocki Pet Robot – Taking Care of Your Pet, Even While You’re Away

The Rocki Pet Robot – Taking Care of Your Pet, Even While You’re Away

As pet owners, we spend time throughout our day wondering what our pets are up to at home.

Are they okay? Are they lonely? Are they waiting patiently for us to come home and spend time with them? These are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves when we think of our beloved furry companions throughout the day.

Luckily for us, there’s an easy way to answer these burning questions – and to make sure that our pets are doing well at home without us, for the affordable price of $199 from the online Trueform shop.

The Rocki Pet Robot is a revolutionary robotic nanny for pets.

While you can’t check up on your pet while you’re out and about, the Rocki Pet Robot can.

Via the Rocki App, you can spy on your furry friend to check that they’re healthy and happy – or just because you miss them, and seeing their whiskered face brightens your day – from anywhere in the world.

If anything is wrong with your pet, you’ll know straight away, so you can always ensure their safety and welfare.

The Rocki Pet Robot can cure your pet’s daytime boredom.

When you’re at work, out socializing, or generally doing ‘human’ things, your pet is in or around your home – the place they spend the most time during their lives.

As such, it’s pretty likely that they experience boredom – and maybe even loneliness at times – so the Rocky Pet Robot is equipped with features to combat this.

For one, you can play with your pets via the moveable laser pointer, allowing you to stimulate your pet throughout the day. Meanwhile, you’re on a train – or in a coffee shop waiting to meet a friend – spending time (which would usually be wasted) bonding with your pet and providing them with excitement and fun throughout the day.

You can even interact with your pets as if you were at home with them.

The Rocky Pet Robot allows you to interact with your pet from anywhere in the world, since you can both use the HD video and the audio interaction feature of the Rocky app to stay connected.

The 360-degree field of view means that you can always check up on your pet, no matter where they are in your home.

And – if you miss a special moment while you’re away from home – you can record it.

Backed with 1GB of cloud storage, you can record your pet’s most adorable moments from any location.

Imagine: your pets are home alone. You go to check on them via the Rocky App, only to notice that they’re cuddling together – a rare event which only takes place once in a blue moon.

Thanks to the Rocki Pet Robot, you can capture and immortalize these moments – and you can look back on them forever.

If you’re late for your pet’s mealtime, Rocki Pet Robot can tide them over with a treat.

Equipped with a sixteen-chamber snack box, the Rocky Pet Robot can release treats on demand – or via a pre-made schedule – through the in-built snack feeding outlet.

So, if you’re running late, or you notice – via the HD video camera – that your pet is a little nervous or agitated (maybe the postman paid a visit to your home) then you can dispense a treat to calm them down.

And, your Rocki Pet Robot won’t get stuck.

Thanks to Rocky’s four wheel omni-directional free movement – allowing the robot to follow your pet all around the home, without the disadvantage of having a blind spot – the Rocki Pet Robot can climb 15 degree angles and cross obstacles with a height of 1 inch.

The Rocki Pet Robot can also traverse a range of surfaces, including ground tile and even carpet, ensuring that you have access to your pet in every room, no matter what flooring it has.

So, if you think the Rocki Pet Robot could enrich yours and your pet’s life, order from the Trueform online shop today, to never worry about your pet – when you’re not at home – again.