The Best Tech Gifts to Surprise Your Mom This Mother's Day

The Best Tech Gifts to Surprise Your Mom This Mother's Day

Since the self-isolation guidelines were enforced, everyone – mom included – is doing her bit to keep our communities safe. It has never been more important to stay connected with our families and loved ones.


Now is THE time to show moms just how much we care and love them, by giving gifts that enrich their lives, make them smile, and remind them that they’ll always have their family to support them.

Gift Idea 1: The Click & Grow Smart Garden.

If your mom is one for gardening, but has done just about everything she can to her backyard during this time – or if she lives in a home without a garden – the smart garden gives her an opportunity to experiment with her new green hobby indoors.

The garden comes with three complementary seed capsules – lettuce, cabbage and tomato – for your mom to try out, as well as any other seeds she has lying around, and 30 more capsules to purchase if she takes to the hobby like a worm to soil, whether she’s interested in growing vegetables and herbs for cooking, or flowers and plants for her own pleasure.

Moreover, even gardening novices will be able to grow plants in the NASA inspired smart garden, since it’s fitted with ideal lighting for growing plants, and comes with nutrient infused soil, and a 40L water tank.

Gift Idea 2: The Aura Smart Photo Frame


What could be better for a mother right now than to own a smart device to display all of her favorite memories with friends and family, easily share from her phone or other frames in her Aura network?

With a HD 9.7’’ screen, your mom’s photos will be displayed like never before, in true HD color, on a frame which can be controlled instantly by touching the or via the app. Never before will she have felt so connected to her dearest memories of loved ones. It's a perfect gift to show mom that during the pandemic, the people she loves are thinking about her.

Gift Idea 3: The Zigma Spark 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping Robot


For a lot of moms, cleaning the floors of their homes is their least favorite chore.  The precious time could certainly be spent to engage in activities that she enjoys, such as catching up with family members, or getting some meaningful work done.

The Zigma Spark Sweeping and Mopping Robot is here to help! The robot is fitted with latest sensing and mapping technologies, ensuring that your mom’s floors will be thoroughly cleaned. She won’t even have to worry about making sure the battery is charged, thanks to the robot’s automatic docking and charging feature.  More importantly, the robot will stand the test of time, thanks to its washable HEPA filter.

So, if you want to make your mom feel that extra bit special this Mother’s Day,  Please take a look at all the products we specifically selected for your mom.