The 5 Coolest Outdoor Gadgets

The 5 Coolest Outdoor Gadgets

For adventurers, hikers, and travelers, there’s nothing more convenient and reliable than multi-purpose gears that can make outdoor activities more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe to do. Here are the 5 coolest outdoor gadgets to bring on your next adventure.
1) Unagi Electric Scooter – Model One
Whether you’re on your way to the office or a light adventure out of town, the Unagi Electric Scooter can make your travels faster and lighter. The environment-friendly Model One is an outdoor gear that can tackle pavements, rough roads, and hills swiftly and safely. 

The Model One features two motor variants: the E250 and the E450. Both motors are engineered for lengthy usage without worrying about overheating.

The E250 features a 250-watt motor on the front wheel, best used in flat, urban terrain. Unagi scooters are ideal for riders who will most likely use the scooter for short-distance travels within the city. On the other hand, the E450 powers each wheel with a 450-watt motor, capable of tackling 15-degree inclines and making it ideal for riders who often travel on semi-rough terrain.

The Model One features 7.5-inch tires, which are made of puncture-proof rubber with air pockets for increased shock absorption. 

On the handlebar, you’ll find the sleek, integrated console where you can manage the throttle, horn, brake, and LED headlight of the Model One. The accelerator and brake levers are ergonomically positioned on the handlebar so you can quickly push them down to gradually increase the throttle or braking speed. Concealed wires keep things looking streamlined around the Unagi components and overall scooter.  

The LED headlight produces a 47-lumen brightness capable of illuminating the road even during nighttime. The Model One also features a backlight blinker to alert anyone on the path of your presence.  

A magnesium alloy handlebar is 33% lighter than aluminum but exhibits comparable durability and structural integrity. The TORAY carbon fiber body is lightweight but dependable.  

The Model One packs a 3,200mAh battery that can take you up to a distance of 15 miles. Charging time takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete.  

No additional tools are needed to assemble or disassemble the Model One on the go. The ‘one-click’ folding mechanism of the Model One enables to fold and carry the scooter in a snap smoothly. 

The Model One weighs around only 22lbs to 25lbs, making it easy to carry around. The scooter is available in Cosmic Blue, Gotham, Sea Salt, and Matte Black color variants. 


2) Livall BH51M Bling Helmet
Whether you’re riding a skateboard, a bike, or a hoverboard, all you need is one smart helmet to ensure safety and enjoy the benefits of modern technology. 

The Bling BH51M is an award-winning outdoor gear equipped with LED lights, speakers, a microphone, and Bluetooth connectivity. The helmet consist of lightweight, durable materials. The helmet is designed to be aerodynamic and ventilated for maximum comfortability. You also don’t have to worry about it getting wet as it has an IPX4 waterproof rating. 

By connecting the Bling BH51M helmet to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can enjoy music while riding through the integrated speakers that emit quality stereo sound. The helmet also has a built-in microphone to enable you to accept calls hands-free and talk to other riders as if you’re holding a walkie-talkie. 

The Livall mobile app and the Bling BH51M helmet prioritize safety. The equipped helmet has sensors that will immediately notify your family during emergencies or accidents. The LED lights on the helmet will turn on its emergency signal to inform passersby of your situation with a single press on the SOS button. 

The Bling BH51M can be used for up to 10 hours when you use only the LED lights, and up to 6 hours with the music turned on. Charging time takes only about 2 hours through a USB port.

The Bling BH51M doesn’t skimp on being stylish either. The handmade PU leather on the cap’s brim gives it a mix of a modern and vintage aesthetic, perfect for use in the urban jungle. 

3) SOSLPAI 5-in-1 Universal Charging Cable
You don’t have to bring a bunch of cables with you during your travels to accommodate every kind of port your gadgets have. All you need is the SOSLPAI 5-in-1 Universal Charging Cable for connecting your cameras, smartphones, drones, and tablets to your power bank. 

The 5-in-1 Charging Cable is compatible with any device that has a type-C, micro-USB, or lightning port. With this, you don’t have to worry about connecting your iPhone or Android device to another gadget.

Pure copper cables make them efficient and conducive for fast charging and quick transferring of data. The connectors are also embedded with a smart chip to ensure data transfers are secured.

Durable nylon covered, 3-feet long durable nylon braided wires are resistant to tangling or tearing, making this the ideal companion for your power bank during travels.

4) FoldyLock
Security is never an option, especially when you venture outside your home. You wouldn’t want to leave your Unagi Electric Scooter vulnerable to thieves, right? With the FoldyLock, you’ll never worry about the security of your outdoor gear again.  


The hardened steel links with rivets of the FoldyLock designed to withstand sawing or cutting. Not only that, the cylinder and other components of the FoldyLock are all resistant to drilling and hammering that even bolt cutters can’t match the toughness of the FoldyLock. All the parts of the lock are rust-resistant, UV-protected, and can withstand weathering.

The FoldyLock is compact and portable. It doesn’t make a rattling sound, which means the joints are snuggly fit, and there are no spaces in between that will allow the intrusion of foreign objects. These high-quality steel links and rivets amount to 2.2 lbs., but that’s a small price to pay to ensure the security of your bike. 

5) Flux Charger Plus
Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve brought the power bank with you, but forgot to bring the charging cables? With the Flux Charger Plus, you won’t have to experience this problem again. 


The Flux Charger Plus is the slimmest portable power bank with built-in cords for charging both iPhone and Android devices; its massive 10,000mAh capacity can even power up a laptop. If you’re a ‘techie, this is definitely a handy tool you want to have. 
You can fully charge 3 to 4 mobile devices with the Flux Charger Plus. It takes around 5 hours to recharge this power bank, though fully.
Its sleek and stylish design makes it one of the most sought-after outdoor gadgets. Its size is comparable to that of latest mobile phones, just imagine how slim and portable this device is.

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