Revolutionizing Note-taking With Newest Neo Lab's Tech Innovations

Revolutionizing Note-taking With Newest Neo Lab's Tech Innovations

Over the past couple of months, the world has become more digitized than ever before, and despite the fact that technology was a key part of our lives before the blight of the corona virus, tech has become even more integrated in our lives, and shown itself to be a necessity, especially in times of crisis.

This is particularly true in terms of work and education, with classes and meetings taking place over platforms such as zoom, and digital note-taking has become the new standard for education and working in the post-COVID world.

Here are two products that will revolutionize your digital learning and working experiences, transforming your note-taking forever:

The Neo Smartpen Dimo blends the best of both worlds


Students and professionals alike have found it immensely handy in recent times to digitize their notes, but often this involves the tedious process of using a scanner to physically scan their notes to a device, or even having to type up their notes onto the computer manually.

Luckily, the Neo Smartpen combines the comfortable, mechanical feel of the ballpoint pen, with the crucial difference that, as you write, it converts your handwriting into digital data, reproducing your notes and drawings on the connected screen on the Neo Studio app via an optical sensor – your handwriting can be converted to PDF, PNG or even GIF format in real time.

The Neo Smartpen Dimo has been particularly useful for workforces and students alike during this period, since many classes and meetings are still being held online, and this smart pen – and the complementing app – allows its user to screen share. Users can share the notes they produce in real time, making it particularly useful for teachers, professors or group/team leaders.

The Neo Smartpen uses a replaceable alkaline battery, allowing the user to write for up to 9.5 hours continuously and – more than this – if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, and you still need to take notes, the Neo smartpen has 2GB of internal memory, which allows the user to take 3 A4 sheets worth of notes offline.

Price: $59.00

The Neo RECO Smart Recorder allows you to bring your lectures home.

In the newest way to capture lectures, conferences and meetings, the Neo RECO Smart Recorder allows you to synch the material it records with your handwritten notes.

Using time stamps, the device eradicates the need for the user to fast-forward or re-wind to parts of the recording in order to recall a certain part of a meeting or lecture, as it automatically senses which part of the recording is relevant to the corresponding notes – written with the NEO Smartpen.

The combined, collaborative effort of the Neo Smartpen with the Neo RECO Smart Recorder allows the user to save time, while reaping the most comprehensive benefit from their recorded classes or conferences.

Price: $69.00

So, if you want to revolutionize your note-taking experience, and collect and revise information from lectures, conferences or meetings like never before, consider purchasing the Neo RECO Smart Recorder and the Neo Smartpen Dimo, and watch your note-taking experience transform.