Revolutionize Your Home Decor With the Aura Digital HD Picture Frame

Revolutionize Your Home Decor With the Aura Digital HD Picture Frame

Nowadays, you can upgrade pretty much anything you own by embracing the latest digital technologies. Why should your photo frames be any different? The mission of the Aura digital photo frame is to bring your old memories and experiences back to life, while simultaneously embellishing and modernizing the aesthetic of your home.

By adding the Aura digital frame to your home, you can display any photo from your phone, or other connected devices. You can easily switch them out via the Aura app. In addition, anyone in your family can share photos through your own Aura network, with unlimited cloud storage. It is just that cool and convenient!

As well as being an advanced piece of tech, allowing you to showcase your most beloved memories, the Aura digital frame is an aesthetic that you can’t miss out on. The textured, matte surface of the shale frame makes this item a home decor must-have. Even better, since the frame is crafted from the highest quality materials, you’ll be able to relive your favorite memories all over again: in true color HD, with a resolution of 2048x1536, on a large 9.7” screen. When you see your new, chic Aura frame on your living room mantelpiece, you’ll have to remind yourself that - no, you’re not in France, and no, you haven’t traveled back in time to 2003.

More than just elegant, the frame’s design is smart. The frame will adjust its brightness automatically, to suit the lighting and mood of your room, thanks to the high-tech light sensors implemented in the design. If you’re watching a movie in the dark, the frame will accommodate this change, and go dark automatically. The smart design features don’t end there: the frame has ‘presence sensors’ which will detect whether someone is in the room or not, so that it can switch the photos accordingly. You can also easily change the orientation of your photos from portrait to landscape and vice versa, simply by flipping the frame 90 degrees.  The frame can also detect your gesture so you can easily switch photos by swiping right or left.

A step up from other similar products on the market, the Aura frame is wireless, cordless, and has the smartest design of any digital frame with instantaneous setup. The whole product is very well designed.  No other frame will enhance the style of your home like the Aura digital frame does. 

So, what are you waiting for? At a reduced price of $249.00 from TrueForm, you can ditch your old-fashioned, chunky photo frames, and replace them with the unlimited photo-displaying potential of the elegant Aura frame.