Never Worry About Your Children’s Oral Hygiene Again Thanks to the Smart Playbrush

Never Worry About Your Children’s Oral Hygiene Again Thanks to the Smart Playbrush

Brushing your teeth- it’s a simple enough task, right? And yet the majority of us – experts say – aren’t brushing our teeth well enough, so how are we meant to make sure our kids do?

 Well, with the smart Playbrush, your whole family’s teeth are going to be cleaner than ever before, since the toothbrush monitors yours, and your children’s, oral hygiene, to the highest degree of accuracy, and provides feedback on how to improve to achieve the healthiest mouth possible.

 The Playbrush tells you exactly how you should clean your teeth.

With the Playbrush, all areas are covered- literally. When the toothbrush detects that the user has sufficiently brushed one side of their mouth, it vibrates, so you (or your child) knows when to switch sides- and, when the Playbrush detects that you’ve cleaned all the areas of your mouth sufficiently, the four light rings on the toothbrush handle will light up. What’s more: for those of you with sensitive teeth, the Playbrush comes with three different cleaning modes: sensitive, clean, or massage.

 The super-intelligent Playbrush is linked to an app.

In order to truly optimise your family’s teeth brushing experience, data is sent as you’re brushing your teeth, directly from the brush to the app, to provide you with brushing statistics and other crucial information to ensure that yours and your children’s teeth stay as healthy as possible.

 In order to make the app as useful as possible, your family’s teeth brushing progress is measured and recorded across time, including metrics such as regularity and thoroughness- both of which can help you to ensure that your child is brushing their teeth properly, without you having to supervise them each time.

 Replacement toothbrush heads are delivered to your door.

 Changing your toothbrush head regularly is crucial. Month upon month, bacteria builds in the bristles, until your toothbrush is probably doing you more harm than good. When you buy the Playbrush, however, you’ll never need to worry again about when you should replace the head, because the subscription service ensures that this is taken care of, according to your personalised oral hygiene plan.

 The Playbrush can teach your children how to brush their teeth.

 Why don’t you take the night off, and let your Playbrush, and the associated app, teach your children how to take care of teeth?This is possible thanks to the ‘Brushing Coach’ feature on the app. The brushing coach demonstrates dentist-recommended techniques, and shows your children how they should move their toothbrush, and clean their teeth, surface by surface.

  The Playbrush makes the task of tooth-brushing fun for kids.

 One of the biggest challenges that parents face is when their child decides they don’t want to do something. No matter how much you reason with them, if they don’t fancy doing it, sometimes they just won’t give in.

 You’ll never have to bargain, or argue, with your kids to brush their teeth again, since the smart Playbrush can make their bedtime routine fun; something that they look can look forward to each night, making parents’ jobs a thousand times easier. Thanks to the Playbrush app, your kids can look forward to playing up to twelve different tooth-brushing games which help them to maximise their oral hygiene, and springboard them into their getting-ready-for-bed routine.

 In addition, your child can collect points for their teeth brushing sessions, and build up a ‘brushing streak’; this can even be used to subsidise your toothbrush head replacement subscription!

 So, if you’re ready to make the bedtime routine less of a headache, and improve yours and your children’s oral hygiene for good, buy the Playbrush family pack today.