Introducing the Wearbuds Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker from AiPower

Introducing the Wearbuds Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker from AiPower

As an aesthetic, multi-functional timepiece, the Wearbuds Smart Watch is the next evolutionary step in the world of modern time telling, with both advanced fitness and health tracking functionalities and the ability to double up as a wireless earbud charger.

The WearBuds Smart Watch has a huge range of tracking capabilities.

In addition to the usual tracking functions – such as the pedometer to count your steps and a heart rate tracker to monitor your heart – the WearBuds Smart Watch also tracks your blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and monitors the quality of your sleep.

The WearBuds Smart Watch doubles up as an earbud charger.

While we all love the sleek aesthetic and overall convenience of wireless earbuds, one of their downsides is that they can run out of battery on the go.

This means that, sometimes, you’ll have to go all day without listening to music when you want to or finish a workout without your gym playlist.

However, with the WearBuds Smart Watch on hand, you’ll never have to go without music, with a battery life of up to 10 days and the ability to fully charge your WearBud wireless earbuds within 1.5 hours.

The accompanying WearBuds earbuds are stellar quality.

With a 6mm graphene horn speaker and a digital silicon mic, the WearBuds wireless earbuds deliver an unbeatable listening experience with top of the range sound.

What’s more: the WearBuds earbuds can play your music for up to 3 hours before they need to be recharged – which you can easily do at any time when you slot them into your WearBuds Smart Watch.

The WearBuds Smart Watch has 4 different sport modes.

In order to accurately track your performance during each activity, the WearBuds Smart Watch has 4 different sport modes that you can switch between.

So, the WearBuds Smart Watch can track your fitness stats while walking, running, biking and even playing bat sports such as tennis.

The WearBuds Smart Watch has a range of non-fitness features.

As well as allowing you to check the weather, use a timer and stopwatch and – obviously – showing you the time – the WearBuds Smart Watch also allows you to receive calls, which you can accept or reject via a quick touch of the screen.

If you accept, you’ll be able to receive the call directly into your wireless WearBuds earbuds.

The WearBuds Smart Watch is both stylish and robust.

While the WearBuds Smart Watch has an attractive touchscreen TFT display encased in a traditional watch style wraparound, the watch is also built with modern safeguards to protect against the elements.

With IPX6 water resistance to allow you to go through the motions of your day regardless of weather, you won’t need to worry about getting your watch caught in the rain, or suffering from splashback while washing your hands.

The WearBuds Smart Watch connects to an app.

While the watch can track, record and display your fitness data, you can gain even more from your WearBuds Smart Watch by connecting it to the immersive WearBuds app.

Offering even more advanced health metrics, the app presents a more comprehensive analysis of your health data to give you a better picture of your overall health, including your daily activity and sleep quality over time.

So, if you want all the benefits of owning a smart watch or fitness tracker, while being able to charge your earphones on the go wherever you are, then check out the WearBuds Smart Watch at the Trueform online store.