Effortlessly Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Other Plants with the Smart Garden 9 Pro

Effortlessly Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Other Plants with the Smart Garden 9 Pro

Ever wanted to grow your very own herbs and vegetables, but feel as though you don’t have the time or effort to commit to making sure your plants stay alive and actually grow?

Does a part of you wish that you could ditch shop-bought veg and herbs – that lose nutrients since they’re stored and transported for such a long time before they’re able to be bought – but don’t trust yourself to ensure your seeds are kept in just the right amount of light and given just enough water to allow them to become the fresh ingredients for your most delicious homemade meal?

Or, maybe time and effort isn’t the problem: maybe you’re naturally green fingered but you live in the city or in a flat with no garden for you to express the plant-nurturing part of your personality?

Either way, now you can bring your green-fingered aspirations to life, with the Smart Garden 9 Pro – the app-controlled self-growing garden which creates the perfect environment for your growing plants, with minimal external input.

Simply plug your Smart Garden in and watch your plants grow.

The Smart Garden 9 Pro provides the perfect growing conditions.

The Smart Garden seeded pods and growing station provides the optimum level of oxygen and nutrients to your plants. Moreover, the Smart Garden has an automatic watering system to perfectly suit the type of vegetable, herb or plant you’re trying to grow.

With the Smart Garden’s app controlled features and adjustable light schedule – which provides the ultimate level of light for your plants to grow, thanks to the Smart Garden’s pro-grow lights – your plants are sure to be as healthy and green as can be, as they’re tended to by the perfect robot gardener: the Smart Garden 9 Pro.

The Smart Garden 9 Pro comes with pre-seeded plant pods.

In addition to coming with 3 tomato, 3 basil and 3 lettuce pods, you can also choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods which are perfectly suited to being grown in the Smart Garden.

Alternatively, you can plant your own seeds, if you want to grow another herb, vegetable or plant of your choice. Whichever plant you want to grow, your Smart Garden can probably make your gardening dreams come true.

The Smart Garden comes with a companion app.

When you purchase the smart garden, you can also download the accompanying app to help you on your way to becoming a Smart Garden – and overall plant – expert.

With the info provided through the app, you can check when each of your plants will sprout, how long they’ll be good to eat (and whether the plant is edible at all). Moreover, the app will advise you on how to care for your plants and stipulate the conditions they’ll thrive best in, as well as allowing you to set the light schedule for your Smart Garden.

So, if you want to experience the satisfaction of growing your very own herbs and vegetables to create your freshest, most delicious meals yet – or maybe you just want to add a pop of color to your home with some non-edible plants and flowers – the Smart Garden 9 Pro makes your indoor gardening dreams possible, mess and hassle free.

Just plug the garden in and watch your horticultural aspirations come alive.

If the Smart Garden 9 Pro sounds perfect for you then head to the Trueform online shop to purchase the garden for a discount price of $220.95 today.