4 Surprising and Innovative Products for Everyday Use

4 Surprising and Innovative Products for Everyday Use

A self-moving chessboard, an electric bike, a range of wireless headphones – Trueform offers countless of revolutionary products that show the power of technology. They’re all fantastic, but you probably want something more practical that you can bring every day when you go to work. 

We’ve selected the products to facilitate and improve your everyday experience. Here are 4 of the most surprising and innovative products Trueform offers:  

1) Mocca Shots High Energy Gummies 

You might be thinking how in the world gummies ended up in a tech store like Trueform. Well, these gummies from the Seattle Gummy Company are not your ordinary snack full of sugar.
Mocca Shots is a great tasting gummy concentrated with caffeine. They’re a product of true innovation designed for everyday intake as an alternative to coffee without the adverse side effects, made of all-natural ingredients that are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO. With real chocolate and natural flavors, Mocca Shots go down easy and give you just the right amount of energy to get you through your day. 

So, why take Mocca Shots instead of a cup of coffee? With coffee, you can waft its invigorating aroma and sip its warmth to awaken your senses.

Have you heard about how chewing aspirin or holding it under the tongue can save the life of someone having a heart attack? This method works because the tissues in your mouth absorb the drug faster compared to when it goes to your stomach and gets mixed with acids.

Since Mocca Shots gummies are consumed orally, they work 5x faster than absorbing coffee through your digestive system. Give it a few minutes and you’ll experience the caffeine kicking in.

Mocca Shots are available in different flavors like Dutch chocolate, mint chocolate, salted caramel, dark chocolate orange, and dark chocolate raspberry. There are even season favorites like peppermint and pumpkin. They all taste like real chocolate, unlike other nutraceuticals which give a faint taste of ‘medicine’ flavor.

Caffeine is known for increasing focus and alertness, but it often produces anxiety as a side-effect. Studies show that combining cocoa and caffeine offers the same benefits but with greatly reduced side-effect. Each pack of Mocca Shots contains 2 gummies with each containing 100mg of caffeine – that’s one cup of coffee in jelly form.

When you’re on the go and you don’t have time to drop by the coffee shop, you can have a gummy or two from Mocca Shots to get your daily dose of caffeine. 

2) Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile
The Nomad Slim Wallet is a cardholder designed with a high quality sleek design integrated with the latest technology to keep your essentials safe.

You can track the Nomad Slim Wallet if it ever gets lost or stolen, thanks to the integration of Tile Slim . The Tile Slim is cleverly hidden from view, undetectable by thieves. Using the Tile app, you can track your wallet’s location and retrieve it wherever it is. You can even use Tile Slim to find your wallet if it’s misplaced in your home or office. By using their easy to navigate app, you can make your wallet ‘ring’ if it’s n a close vicinity.

The Tile Slim is designed to last you all hear, and it’s easy to replace with the reTile program for discounted rates to replace the one on your Nomad wallet.  


The Nomad Slim Wallet measures only 1.5cm thick, allowing it to slip into your pocket without a hitch conveniently. The wallet made of vegetable-tanned Horween leather which develops a sophisticated, rugged patina over time. It has one quick-access pocket, four card slots, and two cash slots, similar to what you usually find in a classic wallet.

For its security, style, and serviceability, the Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile is on top of the list of cardholders designed for everyday use. 

3) KeySmart Urban 21 Backpack
The KeySmart Urban 21 Backpack has all the features of a commuter bag and more.

The Urban 21 has a protective Hardshell compartment at the top where you can place your glasses, phone, or any fragile object without fear that it might get damaged. The bay is also placed strategically for quick access, making it ideal for keeping items you frequently use.

The innovative product also has anti-theft pockets that are specially designed to ensure the security of valuable IDs and cards. The bag is constructed of microfiber fleece with an RFID blocking feature to prevent hackers from snooping information. 


Inside, you’ll see a padded laptop pocket that can fit 13 to 15-inch laptops. The firm back panel of the pocket fully secures the computer from the impact on both sides. Additionally, the Urban 21 has numerous other compartments to keep your things organized and fastened and a HexBreathe™ Back Pad which is designed to ventilate heat to keep your back from sweating. This innovative product also features memory foam straps to prevent neck and shoulder discomfort from prolonged weight-bearing. 

The Urban 21 is made of Ripstop fabric which prevents snags and tears. Its exterior is layered with 400D Nylon which repels water, acts as an additional barrier avoiding damage to the inside pockets. This revolutionary bag is designed to fully utilize its vertical and horizontal space to maintain an even weight distribution even when fully packed.

What makes Urban 21 uniquely durable compared to other bags is the use of its proprietary Parafinity™ stitching. This is a technique used in military-grade parachutes due to its high tensile strength. By using 4x more thread and running it in a circular pattern, the stitches can resist pulling and tearing from all sides. This bag is far superior to the usual 4-point stitching found in ordinary bags.
Durability, style, and functionality – Urban 21 has got all of this covered. With all these features and expansion options, the KeySmart Urban 21 Backpack is unparalleled in the market. 

4) Rocketbook Everlast Mini
It can be costly, not to say wasteful, to buy a notebook and then dump it when you’ve used up all its pages. You can say it’s biodegradable, but imagine the number of trees cut down to produce a single notebook. It would be great if there’s a notebook you can write on forever without throwing a single page out.

To see more health-tech gadgets, simply go to our online store and browse through our collections. But if you want to see them up close and personal, you can try them yourself on our Bellevue Square store. 

The Rocketbook Everlast Mini is a notebook with durable, reusable pages. You can write on it using erasable pens from the Pilot Frixion line. When you want to start on a clean sheet, wipe the scribbles off with a damp cloth, and you have a brand-new page you can write on again. 

This innovative product is compatible with the Rocketbook app, which enables you to scan the notes written on the Everlast notebook by taking a picture. The digital copy can be sent automatically to various cloud service providers or direct email address.

The Everlast Mini contains 48 pages of a 3.5-inch x 5.5-inch reusable paper. Its portability allows you to bring it anywhere you go quickly.

To see what more we have to offer, you can visit our online store or take a peek at any of our branches in Bellevue Square, Seattle, and Oregon.  

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